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Invited to Sechseläuten parade 2011

The Gesellschaft is delighted to receive an invitation from the Zurich Guildmaster to march in the historic guilds’ parade in 2011 for the first time

Sechseläuten 2010

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2011 Sechseläuten parade

Zurich’s guildmasters have invited the Gesellschaft zu Fraumünster to take part in the Sechseläuten parade. They will be marching in second position, behind the Weggen guild. The  Fraumünster ladies represent the long history of the Fraumünster Abbey, which exercised a key function in the city for over 650 years.

Honorary Sechseläuten guests for 2011

The honorary guests are Renzo Simoni, CEO of AlpTransit Gotthard AG, three miners and Susanna Bliggenstorfer, director of Zurich’s cantonal, city and university library (the Zentralbibliothek Zürich).

The parade will be escorted by the halberdiers of the Grosser, Allmächtiger und Unüberwindlicher Rat from Zug. The Ladies Music Band, assembled ad hoc each year from musicians from inside and outside the Zurich cantonal borders will provide musical entertainment. The ladies of the Gesellschaft zu Fraumünster will also be  accompanied by novices, a medieval carriage, the guests of the individual ladies and a colourful troop of children with ponies.

Press release of 23 March 2011 (.doc)
NZZ, 23.3.2011: Frauenzunft marschiert am Zug der Zünfte mit
Zürcher Oberländer, 24.3.2011: Frauenzunft erstmals am offiziellen Sechseläuten-Umzug
Tages-Anzeiger: Gesellschaft zu Fraumünster im Umzug (.pdf)

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