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Invited to Sechseläuten parade 2011

The Gesellschaft is delighted to receive an invitation from the Zurich Guildmaster to march in the historic guilds’ parade in 2011 for the first time

Sechseläuten 2010

Pictures of the Sechseläuten

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The historical costumes worn by the Gesellschaft zu Fraumünster

The historical costumes worn by the "Gesellschaft zu Fraumünster" go back to the golden age of the Fraumünster Abbey. They were designed by the Schweizerische Frauenfachschule (Women’s Technical College of Switzerland), on the basis of mediaeval documents.

Above the “roc” (uniform cut, choice of four basic colours), the Fraumünster ladies wear a “surkot”, a kind of sleeveless dress richly decorated with embroidered gold or brocade ribbon (four different models and colours), and over this a wide cape-like coat. There is a choice of three different headdresses.

This range of combinations allows Fraumünster ladies a certain amount of individual choice without affecting the harmony of the overall impression.

Bally has designed a special shoe to go with the robes. It is based on a mediaeval abbess’s shoe held by the Swiss National Museum.

Here you can download a more detailed German article on our costumes, which you can read on Adobe Reader.