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Invited to Sechseläuten parade 2011

The Gesellschaft is delighted to receive an invitation from the Zurich Guildmaster to march in the historic guilds’ parade in 2011 for the first time

Sechseläuten 2010

Pictures of the Sechseläuten

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Book of Honour for Zurich women

Our Book of Honour is a silent tribute to all women who achieve great things, many of them without public recognition. Women who raise many children, women looking after people in need. Women who render assistance to those with heavy burdens. Women demonstrating true humanity in all quietness and modesty. Their quiet approach to their work is reflected in the quiet way we keep this book. And yet in this book we preserve their memory just as steadfastly as it is retained in the hearts of those affected. Anyone may propose a woman’s name for inclusion in the book. Just send in her name and give us your reasons. We will obtain her permission.

The Book of Honour is kept by a different patron each year. In 2004 the name of Emilie Lieberherr was added to the long list of patrons. Emilie Lieberherr is the most lovable of all Zurich City Councillors and a terrific pioneering advocate of votes for women, which only became a reality for Swiss women following a referendum in 1971.